Students at CACC Montessori School


Toddler 1 classroom

8:45am - 11:45am; Extended Day 11:45am - 2:45pm

Toddlers explore their specially prepared environment with the guidance of the Montessori teachers and are given the opportunity to follow their natural inclination to gather and absorb information. They learn the beginning skills of cooperation and self-reliance and are introduced to appropriate Montessori and other Early-Childhood materials. We feel the class for 18 months to 3 year olds gets our youngest students off to a great start.


8:45am - 11:45am

2 mornings

3 mornings

5 mornings

Toddler Extended Day

8:45am - 2:45am

2 days

3 days

5 days


What to Expect

The toddler classroom is a uniquely designed environment. It is set up to facilitate the toddler’s cognitive and physical development. The directress has selected all of the materials in the class to appeal specifically to such young children.

When a toddler enters this program, he/she may already have learned something about getting along with his/her parents and grandparents and with an older or younger sibling. The toddler class is often his/her first opportunity to be with other children her own age. A directress/pupil ratio of 1:5 allows the toddler to interact with peers with the support of an adult to help with social skills.

The toddler quickly learns the names of his teachers and classmates. He learns to talk with other children about the activities of the classroom. His vocabulary grows to include works such as up, down, under, over, large, small, far, near and the seasons of the year. He learns the names for food, clothing, and animals. Language for functioning in a group is developed such as: please, thank you, and excuse me.

The toddler will learn to take off his coat and hat and hang them up by himself. He will learn to put them back on as well. The toddler will learn how to put on an apron for water activities, open a napkin, serve a snack, and clean up afterward. Many toddlers become toilet trained before they leave the toddler environment.

The toddler learns to handle the materials in the classroom with care and to put activities back on the shelves when they are finished. He develops the patience to wait if another child is working with material he wants.

The toddler will be offered opportunities to work on his own, in small groups and with the entire class. He will be encouraged to express himself creatively through music and rhythm activities, art and simple dramatic play. These activities are offered within the classroom daily but also enhanced through a school-wide curriculum of music, art and movement.

The time will come when the toddler is ready to move into the preschool environment. The toddler has gained the confidence and skills to function successfully in a larger class. The toddler program has offered the “graduate” a unique, supportive structure to enhance his/her developing self.

The toddler environment offers the child safe, stimulating, attractive activities. The toddler’s selection of one among many encourages the skill of decision-making. The opportunity to work at one’s own pace and repeat an activity develops the toddler’s concentration – a much needed and often overlooked skill.


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