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Art Class

Philosophy for Teaching Art to the Whole Child

Play is the work of children.

In understanding this fundamental essence, we can allow the growth of artistic ability to occur naturally.  In a hands-on, developmentally age appropriate program we explore a love of learning through the arts.  Children learn to set up goals, manage their time, learn about materials and end up with a sense of personal accomplishment that exceeds the mere concept of self-esteem.  At the same time we are exposing them to aesthetic appreciation, history, science, geometry and other academics, without which the arts cannot exist.

Therefore the process becomes more important than the product, which is the tangible reward for their efforts.  The arts have enabled the recording of history, and he growth of humanity and our children need to be exposed to and made aware of this timeless legacy.

The fun of art is the best part of the experience for the children.  And they are engaging their minds and emotions as well as learning skills.  At the same time, we learn communication skills through working in school-wide groups, as well as within the smaller group of our classroom.

It is our fervent wish that once your children have worked in this program, they will take with them a lasting love for all of the arts.  They will also understand how intrinsic and essential the arts are to us all.


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