Students at CACC Montessori School

The Montessori Advantage

The Teacher

Originally called a "Directress," the Montessori teacher functions as designer of the environment, resource person, role model, demonstrator, record-keeper and meticulous observer of each child's behavior and growth.

The teacher acts as a facilitator of learning. Extensive training-a minimum of a full year following the baccalaureate degree is required for a full AMS credential, including a year's student teaching under supervision-is specialized for the age group with which a teacher will work, i.e., infant and toddler, three to six year olds, elementary or secondary level.

Each classroom is directed by:

  • A Trained and Certified Montessori teacher at the 6 months-6 years level
  • Continuing professional development
  • Observational skills to match students’ developmental needs with activities
  • Strategies to facilitate the unique and total growth of each individual
  • Leadership skills to foster a nurturing environment supportive of learning
  • A partnership developed with parents
  • Supervision and education of auxiliary classroom personnel

In this journey of self-development, the teacher guides each child’s progress, helping him to help himself.  She is especially trained to observe, to respond to the needs of individual children, and to direct the whole group.  She is concerned with the total development of the child on all levels: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual.

The end goal is a child who develops a love of learning, self-esteem, motivation and respect for himself and others.


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