Students at CACC Montessori School


Tuition Payment and Refund Policy

A tuition contract is finalized upon signing and payment of the required deposit.  This deposit is deducted from the total tuition owed for future billings, but is not refundable under any circumstances.

Payment Plans:

Deposit: non-refundable

10% of tuition due upon signing of contract.

Two payment plan:   

50% of tuition balance due May 31 and 50% due November 1.

Eight-payment plan:   

Equal monthly payments due the first of the month from May 31 through January 1. Total paid will be tuition balance plus 5% payment fee.

Other fees:

Due with first tuition payment:

AMS dues - non-refundable

Co-op deposit - refundable

Field trip fee - non-refundable

Art Material fee - refundable

Primary class materials fee - non-refundable


Written, dated notification of withdrawal is required. Such notification must be signed by the person(s) who signed the contract. For withdrawals before June 30th preceding the September when enrollment begins, further obligations are forgiven. On or after July 1 the signers are obligated for the entire amount of the contract except under certain clearly defined circumstances:

  1. Employment transfer (or loss of) results in student moving outside area served by CACC (25 mile radius).
  2. Prolonged illness (other than normal childhood illness) or injury (at least one month) with written medical verification which prevents the child from attending school.
  3. CACC Montessori requests the child to withdraw.
  4. Refunds depend upon the date of withdrawal as specified below. A minimum of 1 month notice is required under any circumstance.

Date of Withdrawal

On or before November 14 50% Refund

Nov.15 - Feb. 14 30% Refund

After Feb. 15 0% Refund

For January Enrollment:

Date of Withdrawal

On or before March 14 30% Refund

After March 15 0% Refund


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